We are a full-service partner for increasing your results in both yield and retention by using our proven scientific model.  We customize our inference engine to each client’s ecosystem, and engage prospects and students directly.

50-80% of all students do not make it to graduation. We can do better.

Your institution has the ability to educate your students. And, the students are both valuable and viable. What’s missing is a mutual understanding of success, a system to ensure that students thrive, and a proven way to measure it. That’s where we live.

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Scientific research. Stellar results.

Built on proven science and backed by research, vibeffect’s solutions deliver positive outcomes for higher education and their students:


We’re the first model to leap from reducing loss (retention) to sustainable growth (a new business model for higher education).
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“…Actual measured behavior dramatically trumps any incoming data that we have.”
- CTO/CIO at major higher education institution
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We don’t replicate or replace existing educational practices, we complement them.
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As they say, seeing is believing.

Our science works.
For you and your students.

We leverage cross-functional expertise, decades of experience, and evidence-based science to positively disrupt the educational ecosystem at the individual university level.

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We help increase your success.

With vibeffect, ensure that you progress your students from enrollment, to attendance, graduation, and eventually loyal alumni. Increase your business over time without adding more resources. We help higher education achieve sustainable growth. Are you ready?

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