Higher Ed institutions are constantly exploring how to make enrollment more efficient, delivering higher yield, with more engaged students who matriculate and stay longer.

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What’s missing today is an understanding of what success looks like on both sides of the equation, a laser focus on how to ensure that students thrive, and a scientific way to measure and apply it.

That’s our sweet spot. vibeffect is a SaaS solution that helps higher education by significantly lowering student acquisition costs and materially increasing persistence and graduation rates. By combining our research, science and technology, we deliver a customized suite of solutions that help universities gain a scientific understanding of success, and put the best guidance into each student’s hands to help them thrive.

We’re using predictive modeling to help universities increase the probability of students thriving and completing their degree programs.

Our data and science-based solutions work. And they help institutes of higher education increase their success in progressing students from enrollment, to attendance, to graduation, to loyal alumni.

So, let’s get started.