The problem in higher education today is larger than the two-decade trend of up to 80% of students not completing their degree programs. It’s more about how we currently define success – for both universities and the students who attend them.

The definition of success should go far beyond academic performance. We need to examine social, personal / professional, and academic growth all at once, and how each differs from person to person.

That’s where we come in.

At vibeffect, we use data and analytics to help our higher education partners fulfill their promise – that every student they admit can successfully graduate. Our solution to this problem is a science-based guidance model, that leverages over 1.6 million data points collected from students at more than 1,000 colleges and universities. We use this model to simplify complexity, overcome barriers, and make it easier for a student to thrive than to exit.

Our customized SaaS solutions are also structured to make it easier for universities to attract, recruit, retain, and graduate students, with streamlined implementation and no major learning curve. Our results are measurable, immediately recognizable, and proven to be replicable at scale.

For students,

success means thriving – experiencing the maximum benefit of their college education through heightened social and academic engagement and a deeper sense of happiness.

For universities,

success is creating more high-thriving candidates and students, as well as creating stability and higher lifetime values to each student within each university’s ecosystem.

In just months, you’ll begin to see that if you create an environment where students can thrive, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

It’s an approach that works. And we can make it work for you.