Meet the Team

Anamaria Berea, Ph.D.

Computational Social Science & International Business and Economics

Chief Data Scientist

I have two PhD degrees, one in economics (2010, Academy of Economic Studies of Romania) and one in computational social sciences (2012, George Mason University), giving me a unique background to work at the intersection between different sciences. During my postdoctoral studies at the University of Maryland – Center for Complexity in Business, I won a grant from the National Academies of Sciences – Keck Futures Initiative, to complete an interdisciplinary research project on the emergence of communication in social and biological systems using economic principles, information science, complex systems and computational methods, project fructified by the successful publication of a monography titled “Emergence of Communication in Socio-Biological Networks”, published by Springer Nature. I also served as a data scientist (2017) and AI mentor (2018) to the heliophysics and astrobiology teams at the NASA/SETI Frontier Development Lab. In 2018, I won another book project, in a competition honoring Women in Science at InTech Open Publishing House, on fundamental problems of communication emergence and communication as a complex system, titled “A Complex Systems Perspective of Communication from Cells to Societies”.

I am a Teradata University Network Faculty Award Winner (2014), and was a Data Ambassador for the European Court of Human Rights at the Teradata Care Initiative(2014). I have taught both graduate and undergraduate classes at George Mason University, University of Maryland and George Washington University and my research has been published in Journal of Washington Academy of Science, Decision Analytics, AAAI Proceedings, Quantitative Finance, Handbook of Human Computation, Journal of Strategic Security and Global Transitions. My research has been supported by grants from ONR, IARPA, DARPA and the National Academies of Sciences.

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