We understand the financial and time investments that have gone into legacy systems, and don’t feel that either should go to waste. With that in mind, our integrations are purpose-driven, depending on clients’ goals for level of automation. For clients who choose to integrate our solutions with their existing systems, we actively partner with them to leverage our suite of APIs, which makes the whole process quick and easy.

Connecting with your existing systems has the following benefits:

Keeps Messaging Consistent

Makes Setup and List Updating Easy

Tracks Metrics in Existing Marketing Campaign Systems

We integrate with various CRMs and email providers so that communications to students can come directly through existing channels without having to learn something new.

Our team of integration experts is available to work with your team to find the best possible solution, and our custom APIs allow us to easily connect to various systems including:


We’ve been able to address even complicated custom needs, including integrations of proprietary systems, and look forward to discussing yours: