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What We Do

Thriving students, thriving institutions.

Every student can thrive. But every student is also an individual – each with their own unique situations, traits, and motivators that determine how they’ll thrive at your university. Until now, there’s been no way to pull from hundreds of variables per person, identify predictive patterns, and deliver individualized solutions to help every student.

And that is what we do.

vibeffect’s unique ability to identify high-thriving students within university ecosystems allows us to generate predictive, individualized guidance for all students. Verifiable and data-driven, this unprecedented approach to reaching students directly with custom guidance increases applicant, enrollment, start, persistence, on-time graduation and job placement rates . 

At vibeffect, we partner with universities and other institutions eager to proactively stabilize and grow enrollment and on-time completion rates for ALL students.

How We Do It

We engineered the first scientific model to increase student thriving and on-time graduation for higher education institutions.  With our simple implementation process you’ll see evidence quickly, there’s no new learning curve for your staff, and we constantly build and adapt your custom solution as we collect additional data. Plus, our solution will complement any existing retention or persistence programs you may have in place.

vibeffect is the leader in using science to assist institutions of higher learning in meeting students where they are and helping them define their own success.

From data collection to implementation, our proven, three-phase process is simple:

Discovery Phase

  • Four-month engagement
  • Testing Custom Products at specific pain/growth points

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Discovery Phase

  • Create database of thriving patterns unique across current students in your institution’s ecosystem
  • Use this database to create custom products and individualize guidance
  • Rigorously test each product for proof of cause and effect on student outcomes using random control trials

Enrollment Suite

  • Improves effectiveness of recruitment
  • Annual unlimited licenses

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Enrollment Suite

  • Improve outcomes across all recruitment efforts up to and including day 1 – day 31 of classes
  • Holistic guidance system distributed to students in mobile-friendly self-surveys
  • Rewards and proactively supports all students to arrive on day one ready to thrive

On-Time Complete

  • Improves thriving and graduation rates
  • Per student, per year licenses

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On-Time Complete

  • Improve career readiness and graduation rates
  • Holistic guidance system that progresses with students
  • Content in guidance improves engagement in existing university resources
  • Suite Management includes ongoing optimization


Using vibeffect’s model you can increase probabilities across many institutional needs, beyond the core product suites above, here are other examples:

  • Reinstate Suite
  • Engaged Alumni Suite
  • Faculty Best Practice Suite
  • Financial Readiness Suite
  • Assessment Builder

Our solutions leverage predictive analysis to help institutions remain proactive – and they work. In fact, our student engagement rates match or exceed other important university communications, compared to the baseline set during the Discovery phase.

The proprietary thriving guidance we use to build all your custom products is statistically validated at the same predictive accuracy thresholds as modern search engines –up to 88%.