Our transformative approach has helped universities experience sustainable growth – and began with a simple question:

“Can we prove what individual factors influence success for each person?”

We found that in higher education, talking about success led to a variety of different answers, mostly referring to academic performance. That outlook misses the opportunity to understand students – their individual potential, performance, and ability to thrive. So, we decided to advance the conversation – and to back it up with science.

Our thriving database includes students from over 1,000 colleges and measures 21 dimensions of thriving per student.

We believe that a data-driven “high bar” should be set – so we developed a replicable method of measuring and reinforcing what it looks like when an individual student maximizes his or her education within a specific college ecosystem. With this data-driven insight, universities can leverage our solutions to:


...high-performing systems that proactively put all students on their highest-thriving path

Better Understand

...and act on the factors identified within the university as associated with high-thriving


...meaningful, personalized guidance directly to each student right up to on-time graduation

How do we do it?

With each client institution, vibeffect creates a predictive, individualized guidance suite after building a database of thriving factors unique to each university and their students. Each product in the guidance suites is tested for cause-effect on student behaviors using repeated random control trials before going to scale.

Science driving success. Now that’s something to talk about.