What People Say About Us

People Are Talking About vibeffect

We’re fortunate to work with a wide variety of administrators, students, families, and advisors to shift the conversation about higher education and attain remarkable results. And in every case, the same themes come up again and again:

Everyone has the potential to thrive.

Be proactive,
not reactive.

Rely on individualized science.

Focus on persisting through to graduation.

Our executive team and scientific advisors are experienced in both startups and education. We’re passionate. We’re focused on results. And this is what our clients and partners have to say about vibeffect:

vibeffect has embraced thriving as an organizing concept and it will revolutionize how students, parents, and institutions think about the precious time spent in higher education.”

- Nate Daun-Barnett, University at Buffalo, NY, Graduate School of Education

“It’s a huge commitment, a four-year education… [vibeffect is] groundbreaking and very interesting because it has the focus on students and trying to identify what characteristics and features have potential for your college… to match a student’s interest and abilities.”

- Wayne Camara, Senior Vice President of Research at A.C.T.

“Most analytics in education is actually more descriptive than predictive. vibeffect’s model falls into the category of complexity science, moving from descriptive to truly predictive behavioral science and big data analytics.”

- Bill Rand, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

“There is nothing more mission critical to our future than becoming more efficient at engaging prospects and new students and forming quality relationships in our campus and online communities. The [vibeffect] trials are uniquely aligned to our needs, and our teams are extremely committed to and satisfied with this collaboration.”

- SVP Admissions and Operations, Higher Education Client

Pretty compelling stuff, right?

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