Data. Analytics. Technology. Proven methodologies.

The key component that pulls it all together and makes vibeffect truly unique is our diverse team of professionals. With deep experience in fields ranging from education, behavioral science, research, and game theory to consumer insight, and technology, our team is passionate about leveraging every available tool to measure and promote thriving and completion for each student.


Chief Executive Officer, MBA
Chairman of the Board, L.L.B.
M.A. Counseling Psychology, Ed. D. Curriculum and Instruction Former Superintendent, Buffalo, NY and Dayton, OH
B.A. Business Administration and Accounting, CPA


Non-Executive Board Chairman
Board Member
Special Advisor to the Board
Chief Technology & Product Development Officer
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships
Chief Computer Scientist
Chief Knowledge Officer
Sr. Research Scientist, vibeffect
Computational Social Science & International Business and Economics
Chief Data Scientist

Scientific Advisors

Educational Psychology
Co-Director for Assessment Research, SRI Education
Materials Science & Engineering
Founder, Mayo Enterprises LLC
Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Business Management, North Carolina State University