Company will also receive a financial investment from ASU EdTech Accelerator

January 8, 2018 – Washington, D.C. – vibeffect®, the company that turned student success into a science, today announced a strategic partnership with Arizona State University’s (ASU’s) ASU EdTech Accelerator. The partnership will bring vibeffect’s proprietary, micro-guidance system into the College of Public Service and Community Solutions to improve freshmen to sophomore success outcomes and retention for all students in the four schools within the College.

vibeffect’s organizing principle that all students have the potential to thrive and succeed in college aligns very closely with the College’s mission of building stronger, more resilient, more dynamic communities,” said Jonathan Koppell, Dean of ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions. “The ability to bring a personalized support system to each student, tailored to each school and the unique career path it represents, offers a potentially stronger connection between student, degree and future career.”

vibeffect and the College will also establish an Improvement Lab, where doctoral and masters level students specializing in data science and AI will test and refine vibeffect’s core recommender engine, which is the science behind the proprietary micro-guidance system.

“Having graduate students who are passionate about data and innovation forming an Improvement Lab to tinker with our secret sauce and try out new ideas related to student success and retention is exciting for us,” said Elena Cox, vibeffect CEO and co-founder. “These seasoned engineers and 21st century talent will bring a fresh outlook on how applying analytics can improve student success and institutional outcomes.”

Throughout the partnership, vibeffect and the ASU EdTech Accelerator will make their research public allowing the broader education market to benefit from the findings.

“We’re excited about this opportunity with vibeffect as we continue to work with innovative companies committed to improving educational outcomes,” said R.F. “Rick” Shangraw, Jr., chief executive officer of Arizona State University Enterprise Partners. “Our students will also gain an immersive learning experience as part of the Improvement Lab, rather than just pilot testing, in this enhanced engagement.”

To date, vibeffect has raised more than $3.1M including the new investment from ASU’s Accelerator.

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About vibeffect®

vibeffect® is the company that is turning student success into a science, and has built a full student success model, complete with a Thriving Recommender Engine and proprietary micro-guidance system. vibeffect helps higher education institutions understand what makes each of their students thrive, not just those who may be deemed “at risk” based on preconceived notions or stereotype, through the use of personalized surveys and tailored content. The company uses science to drive student success, allowing higher education institutions to significantly lower student acquisition costs, materially increase persistence and graduation rates, and better amass loyal alumni. vibeffect was founded in 2013 and is based in Washington D.C. For more information, please visit